Do you have a story to tell? Or do you think you may have one? If so, you’re in the right place.

I write stories for a living.

I especially enjoy writing other people’s stories, the deep inner tales of personal challenge, faith, and triumph. I am moved, inspired, and delighted by the depth and beauty within the human spirit. These are the stories I write, and everyone has one.

Though I did not know it, I began my career as a child. Often, friends—and even strangers—would entrust me with stories they had never shared with anyone else. They still do. Why? I think it is because I truly listen. Perhaps they’d never been heard with this level of genuine interest and curiosity. Until they met me.

I believe our authentic voice does not waste its time. The deepest truths will only reveal themselves in a space of unconditional acceptance, a space of true listening. This is one of the most important skills I bring to the table.

What else can you expect from me?

Integrity: Without this, I would not sleep at night.

Honesty: I tell the truth, even when it’s not pretty.

Confidentiality: Your story is safe in my hands.

Excellence: I will give you the best work possible.

Reliability: I meet deadlines.

Kindness: Because business is built on relationships.

Attention to detail: I am a perfectionist.

Experience: I’ve written for as long as I can remember.

Accountability: If I mess up, I’ll fix it.

Credibility: I am endorsed by nationally best-selling and award-winning authors and ghostwriters.

What does my Ghostwriting package include?

Coaching sessions to determine your overall vision and theme.

Recorded in-depth interviews.

A structural edit to clarify your story line and determine the best way to tell your story.

A content edit to remove redundancies and create an immediate, action-based read.

A copyedit to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, providing you with a polished manuscript ready for publication.

What do I expect from you?

Your time: I will need you to be available for questions, interviews, and comments.

Your trust: Ghostwriting is an intimate relationship. In order for you to have the best story possible, I will need you to share real, personal details about your life and to trust that I will treat them with care.

A good attitude: Your attitude will have a great impact on your story.

Your commitment: Writing a book is a big deal. It will change your life. As a team, we can do an excellent job. You show up and tell your story, and I’ll write it.

My rates:

My rates for ghostwriting follow US industry standards.

For modified or smaller packages, you are welcome to contact me, and we will discuss your individual needs.

Let’s get started.

If you have a story to tell, call me for a free consult, and we’ll explore the best way to serve you and your book.

Sage Knight

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